How it works

Get five star ratings on review sites that matter.

Research shows that review sites like Yelp and Zocdoc are increasingly important in building a successful, sustainable practice. But, it's hard to monitor your ratings and even harder to improve them. We're here to help. Our software monitors your reputation and continously generates a river of positive ratings that flows to the right review site at the right time.

Here's how we do it.

1. Segment patients

Each day, we email patients you treated that day and ask them a single question: "How would they rate you?" Based on their answer, we segment them into two groups: happy and unhappy. This is a simple yet effective way to predict how a patient will rate you on a review site. And by asking only one question, we get huge response rates.

2. Improve ratings

After answering the question from step 1, happy patients are prompted to rate you on sites like Google or ZocDoc. Unhappy patients are asked to comment on why they're unhappy. These comments are only visible to you. This drives up your ratings by directing only positive ratings to review sites, while keeping negative comments private and visible only to you.

3. Monitor 24/7

We continuously monitor review sites to track your progress. We automatically ingest all your ratings and reviews giving you a simple dashboard to gauge your online reputation. When a negative review is found, we immediately alert you so you can respond quickly. And we intelligently direct patients to sites where you need the most help, drowning out any negativity with a flood of positive ratings.


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