24/7 reputation monitoring

We're always monitoring so you can sleep at night.

Our app scans review sites each day to collect any new reviews. This allows you to monitor your progress and watch as your ratings improve. Get an email alert when a new negative review is posted so you can quickly respond. And we drown out negative reviews by routing more positve patient reviews to that site.

A business with positive reviews will attract
more new customers than a business with no reviews or negative reviews.
of people are likely to use a business that has no rating at all and 57% will avoid a business with negative reviews.


Continous reputation monitoring
We scan reviews sites each day to make sure we have the latest data and to notify you of new reviews.
Get alerts for negative reviews
Get email alerts when a new negative review is posted so you can quickly respond.
Track your progress
Use our intuitive dashboard or weekly updates to track your progress and watch your ratings improve.
Get a weekly synopsis
Get an email every Monday that summarizes the activity from the previous week and measures your progress.
Automatic sentiment analysis
We use artificial intelligence to automatically tag each review as positive, negative or neutral with the world's most accurate parser.
Display your rating average
Use our cut-and-paste widget to proudly display your patient rating average on your website.
Show reviews on your website
Drop our widget onto your site to automatically display all of your recent positive reviews.
Focus on sites that matter
We focus on the sites that get 95+% of patient traffic, giving you the maximum benefit of positive ratings.

Take control of your reputation

It's clear online reviews directly affect your bottom line. The only question is: are you going to do something about it? At RatingFive, we organically improve your ratings by getting your happiest patients to post five star reviews of your practice and providers. It's time to take control. Take the first step today by getting a free online reputation scorecard.

Get a free reputation scorecard

How healthy are your online reviews?

Find out how you're scoring on popular review sites like Yelp, Google and Healthgrades. Tell us a bit about yourself so our app can create your scorecard.